scalable, modular, customizable

The Crescendo framework is designed to meet the highest standards of scalability and performance, while also fitting into any existing enterprise architecture. Crescendo uses modern design patterns and architectural standards to fit into a wide variety of technology platforms.

Ultimately, Crescendo is designed to fit the needs of the client, not force the client to fit the design of Crescendo. This allows you to benefit from industry best practices and cutting edge technology, without having to sacrifice any of the customized details and features your business demands.

Proven Technology:

  •  Based on the Microsoft .NET framework, supports 2.0/3.0/3.5
  •  Native storefront support with SQL Server 2005
  •  Full support for XHTML/CSS/Ajax and other industry standards

Easy Integration:

  •  Customizable to fit your environment
  •  Interoperability with other DBMS systems
  •  Use of services in heterogeneous environments
  •  Hooks into BizTalk and other messaging systems

Investment Protection:

  •  Modular framework allows you to implement only the functionality required
  •  Domain Driven Development (DDD) centralizes your business knowledge
  •  Test Driven Development (TDD) enables future enhancements without fear of breaking current functionality
  •  Domain Specific Language (DSL) invigorates developer productivity