we've done all of this before

Crescendo offers many different services, from a strategy or consulting perspective, as well as from platform customization and development, or e-commerce operations perspectives. The bottom line is: we've done all of this before, for our own businesses or for other e-commerce business owners, and we can help you with any of the following services as well.

Strategy and Consulting Services:

  •  E-commerce business analysis
  •  Website design
  •  Website usability
  •  E-commerce requirements analysis
  •  Partner selection & integration

Platform Customization and Development Services:

  •  Creative & graphical design
  •  Architecture design & development (any technology)
  •  Platform configuration and installation
  •  Web server & hosting selection and support
  •  Database design

E-commerce Operations Services:

  •  Content creation
  •  Visual merchandising
  •  Fulfillment management
  •  Product photography
  •  Customer service management