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Like the name says, we are Crescendo. Like the name implies, we can help you increase your traffic, your conversion, your repeat buyers, and ultimately your revenue and profit.

Here is a list of company news that tells a little more about us.

ASP.NET and the LINQ to SQL DataContext : How to Manage

  • Microsoft's new LINQ to SQL technology can offer some challenges when used within ASP.NET. Find out how to make things work smoothly and easily.

Crescendo Technologies Launches New Corporate Site Design With Improved Layout and Content Features

  • Crescendo Technologies, Inc. launched a new corporate site design on December 22, 2007. The site features a design that focuses on Crescendo's unique e-commecerce technology and service offerings.

Crescendo Technologies Inc. joins Microsoft Partner Program

  • Crescendo Technologies Inc. has become a member of the Microsoft Partner Program.

    "The Microsoft Partner Program is designed for all partners who develop and market solutions based on Microsoft platforms, provide consulting...